News | May 2, 2019

SKYRE Applies Technology Originally Developed For NASA And U.S. Navy To Help Stem Global CO2 Crisis

The CO2RENEW™ enables businesses and manufacturers to convert CO2 waste into streams of economic value

East Hartford, CT /PRNewswire/ - With the aim of providing a game-changing solution to the problematic level of greenhouse gas emissions, SKYRE – a global clean energy leader – has developed CO2RENEW™. Originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Navy as the critical, central element of advanced life support systems used in closed environments, CO2RENEW addresses intensifying global environmental concerns by using a proprietary electrochemical process to efficiently convert a well-recognized greenhouse gas in the atmosphere – carbon dioxide – to useable, valuable and important products.

Dr. Trent Molter, President and CEO of SKYRE, said, "To be commercially viable, products that transform carbon dioxide must cost-effectively produce valuable chemicals or fuels, provide practical solutions that people are compelled to implement, and have a positive environmental impact. Our CO2RENEW hits all the marks. SKYRE has the only patented, tested and commercially-scalable electrochemical platform for converting waste carbon dioxide into valuable hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals used in the production of dyes, polymers, feedstock preservatives and much more."

SKYRE's recent test data for the conversion of carbon dioxide to formic acid show industry-leading performance – with the CO2RENEW having five times the production capacity of other reported electrochemical-based solutions. Additionally, because it is uniquely designed to utilize excess or off-peak renewable power that otherwise might be wasted, it is a carbon-negative means of generating fuels and chemicals.

"Based on our replicated performance data, our CO2RENEW system projects to be industrially-viable and commercially-relevant – significantly reducing emissions while saving customers up to 50 percent compared to current delivery methods for these products," said Dr. Molter.

The CO2RENEW system has an inherent advantage over other technologies in that it leverages SKYRE's highly successful H2RENEW™ commercial platform. The world's first family of onsite electrochemical-based gas recycling products, H2RENEW provides manufacturers and businesses a way to reduce carbon emissions and save money by recovering and recycling hydrogen that is wasted/vented in industrial processes. By injecting new science into the H2RENEW technology platform, SKYRE developed the CO2RENEW as an efficient carbon dioxide transformation solution.

"Our leading-edge electrochemical technology was originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Navy as the critical, central element of advanced life support systems used in closed environments like spaceships and submarines," said Dr. Molter. "Many of our team have built 'flight' hardware that was instrumental in keeping people alive in space or undersea under the harshest of duty. Failure was simply not an option and the design and construction of our systems reflect that same rigor. SKYRE has transferred this thinking to our planet and regards it as spaceship earth – a critically important and complex closed environment where the survival of human kind is at stake. Failure is once again not an option."  

About SKYRE: Founded in 2007 as Sustainable Innovations and rebranded in 2018, SKYRE uses a proven, patented electrochemical technology to build innovative clean energy products that deliver breakthrough efficiency and are socially responsible. SKYRE's products create economic opportunity for companies and contribute to global environmental sustainability by solving some of the world's most challenging and pressing resource and energy problems.


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