SIR System-10B

Source: Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

SIR System-10B
The SIR System-10B is a versatile, multi-channel, digital GPR system
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The SIR System-10B is a versatile, multi-channel, digital GPR system. The SIR-10B consists of a model MF-10B mainframe and a CD-10B control display equipped with a color VGA monitor. A key feature of the SIR-10B is multiple antenna inputs. Two (2) antenna inputs are standard (4 optional) with the SIR-10B, which facilitates the use of various antenna geometry's such as monostatic, bistatic or multi-offset profiling, multiple parallel scans along a transect path, transillumination and tomographic studies.

Multiple channel capabilities can greatly reduce the time necessary to complete a survey. Additionally, the system has a 2.6 GB internal hard drive for reliable data storage. Real-time data processing is possible in the SIR-10B and an optimal high quality thermal plotter provides real-time hard copy of field data. The system's flexibility makes it more suitable for a broader range of applications and it can run all GSSI antennas.

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