Single and Dual Gas Analyzer

Source: Liston Scientific Corp.
Single and Dual Gas Analyzer
The Single and Dual Gas Analyzer offers a totally enclosed sample path that is not affected by ambient conditions
Patented detector provides outstanding selectivity and sensitivity - No false readings or interferences from other gases.

Microprocessor linearization - Increases accuracy.

All digital electronics - Improved performance, no analog to digital conversion.

Totally enclosed sample path - Not affected by ambient conditions. No purging of instrument case.

No moving parts - No adjustments, no failures, no maintenance.

Single linear, digital instrument range - Eliminates need for instrument range changes.

Standard automatic calibration and chart ranging - Your data is always accurate.

Four adjustable analog chart ranges - Allows chart expansion of full-scale range.

Three selectable response times - Reduces display noise.

Adjustable high and low audible alarms - User can select optimal settings.

Optional Oxygen channel - Provides two or three gas capability in one analyzer.

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