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Sendle Is Now Climate Neutral Certified

The carbon neutral shipping carrier deepens their environmental commitment, addressing greenhouse gas emissions across their operations

Seattle, CA /PRNewswire/ - Sendle, the Certified B Corp shipping solution that offers 100% carbon-neutral shipping for small businesses, announces that they are officially Climate Neutral Certified! The non-profit organization helps brands measure their carbon footprint and implement strategies that will reduce their footprint down to zero. This is achieved by measuring greenhouse gas emissions, purchasing eligible verified carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions next year and beyond.

Climate Neutral Certified is the leading consumer label for climate neutrality. It is carried by brands that have chosen to be accountable for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production, operations, and shipping of their goods and services. To meet the organization's rigorous certification process, Sendle measured its carbon footprint for 2021 and developed strategies to reduce it.

Sendle believes that shipping can make a positive impact in the world and it accounts for the CO2e released for every parcel sent through their service. Sendle reduces the environmental impact of its shipping operations by tapping existing shipping providers and filling their vehicles to improve the utilization of the whole network. To date, Sendle has offset 25 billion miles of package delivery. When investing in carbon offsetting, the company seeks projects through fellow B Corp, South Pole, that help regenerate ecosystems, protect habitats, and support indigenous communities.

"Currently, the transportation and logistics industry is responsible for 17% of greenhouse gas emissions globally," says Veena Harbaugh, Director of Sustainability at Sendle. "Reducing the harm of shipping on the planet has always been a top priority for us, so we have been committed to making our shipping network 100% carbon neutral from day one. We are now extending that commitment to carbon neutrality to everything we do, and achieving this certification is another step in our journey to becoming net zero by 2030 and continuing to work towards a more sustainable industry overall."

"Climate Neutral Certified companies show the world that immediate action on climate change is possible and essential," says Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. "Sendle is leading the way by recognizing that climate change must be solved and they have dedicated their mission to this cause by engaging their customers and addressing their carbon emissions."

Climate Neutral's certification builds on internationally recognized standards for carbon measurement and neutrality. All certified brands must measure cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas emissions each year to maintain certification. Then a brand must buy eligible verified carbon credits to compensate for all of their emissions, directing investment into critical projects that remove and avoid emissions from energy, industry, and natural systems. Finally, brands must commit to reduction action plans to cut future emissions within a 12-24 month timeline, reporting progress on those plans annually. All of the brand's certification data is publicly available on Climate Neutral's website, and the process is repeated annually when companies must recertify.

Sendle joins the increasing ranks of companies treating carbon emissions like their business. Together, Climate Neutral Certified brands are making an impact on climate action right now, working to eliminate more than 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon emissions this year.

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About Sendle
Sendle is the first carrier in the United States specifically designed to serve the needs of small businesses in the eCommerce space. Sendle levels the playing field for small businesses by offering affordable, flat-rate shipping across the U.S., with no hidden fees, subscriptions, or warehousing required. Merchants simply purchase a label and schedule a pickup from Sendle, and their package can be dropped off or picked up from their front door. Sendle is the first 100% carbon neutral shipping carrier in the U.S. and is a Certified B Corporation. The company was founded in Australia in 2014 by CEO James Chin Moody, and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Seattle, Washington, and Toronto, Canada.

About Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working with brands and consumers to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Our label, Climate Neutral Certified, is a trusted, independent standard for climate neutrality. It is earned by brands who measure, offset, and reduce the emissions from making and delivering products and services to customers. Our goal is to motivate consumers to get more brands to take immediate and measurable action against the climate crisis. To learn more, visit

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