Screening Air Dispersion Modeling

Source: Lakes Environmental Software
Screen View is a user friendly interface for the U.S. EPA's screening model, SCREEN3
Screen View is a user friendly interface for the U.S. EPA's screening model, SCREEN3. This interface has been developed for Windows and runs under Windows 3.1 or higher. The EPA model is designed to provide a method of obtaining ground-level pollutant concentration estimates for a single source. This program contains all the available options of the EPA's model in addition to the following:
• An integrated modeling environment: intuitive data input, model run, and full featured post-processing (XY plotting).
• The interface offers toolbar buttons with meaningful icons along with meaningful tips, making it easier to learn the program. These buttons offer guides through input windows and frequently used commands such as save, print, open file, and run
• A complete graphical package to help analyze, print, and export results to a word processor.
• Units can be changed between Metric and English at any time by clicking the unit buttons located beside every data entry field.
• The program checks valid ranges for all entry fields to prevent inappropriate entries.
• Before running a project, it displays a report of all options selected along with a list of any missing information.
• SCREEN3 text output files can be displayed and printed in Screen View's own editor

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