Sampling System Models 1.170 and 1.106

Source: GRIMM Technologies, Inc.
Sampling System Models 1.170 and 1.106
The Envirocheck Model 1.107 Environmental Dust Monitoring System measures particulates via 90-degree laser-light scattering...
GRIMM Technologies, Inc.Envirocheck Model 1.107 Environmental Dust Monitoring System measures particulates via 90-degree laser-light scattering. An eight-channel pulse-height analyzer detects the scatter signals for size classification. The count from each sized pulse channel is converted to a mass, and the data then are formatted as PM10, PM2,5, and PM1. Several averaging functions are user-programmable. The model collects the complete measured sample on a removable 47 mm-diameter PTFE filter for subsequent correlation of size to density.

For communities that require particle-size measurement, there is the Model 1.106 Particle Sizer and Particle Counter. It measures fine-particle-size distribution and presents the results in 8-channels (from 0.3 to 6.5 µm) as particle counts and/or particle mass distribution. (Particle sizing currently is not a federal U.S. requirement.) The unit has the same dimension and connections as the Model 1.107 for ready, rapid interchange with the 1.107's environmental housing, Model 1.165.

Their manageable weight and 7-hour battery make both models useful as portable instruments for quick scanning jobs. The devices can identify aerosols and semi volatile liquid particles.

Some of the Model 1.107's other features include
Size: 15 kg and 40 x 40 x 20 cm
Temperature-controlled housing (set for 250° C)
Moisture Compensation System,
Auto-zero software (performs optical-systems check upon startup)
Dual technologies: both light scattering and regulatory-compliant gravimetric methods are standard features
Data logging System: Removable memory card for storing & transporting data
Real-time measured data programmable from 1 minute to 1 day averages
Software: Windows 95-compatible data-analysis program

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