Safety Meetings Library on CD-ROM

Source: BLR-Business & Legal Reports, Inc.
Safety Meetings Library on CD-ROM
This revolutionary new reference tool is guaranteed to make safety training easier
Put a world of safety training tools at your fingertips
This revolutionary new reference tool is guaranteed to make safety training easier ... faster ... more accurate ... and more effective while helping you meet OSHA training requirements.
It's everything you need to develop a top-notch safety training program -- on one compact disc.

Regulations. The full text of 29 CFR Parts 19200-1926, including Federal Register updates.

Safety Meeting. In-depth meeting outlines can be used "as is" to conduct productive, intensive safety meetings. Over 100 topics.

Training Activities. List of ideas for supervisors to use to make their training more interesting and effective. Each activity includes its own detailed checklist.

Safety Talks. Brief "to the point" talks that can be delivered exactly as written or serve as outlines to fit your specific operations.

Illustrated Handouts. Over 100 art masters, including checklists and forms ready to be printed and distributed.

Quizzes. Contains dozens of short quizzes that can be printed out and given to employees, or taken right on the computer.

Customize. You can customize you safety program by downloading a safety meeting, talk, or quiz to your word processor and revise to fit your own needs.

And everything is linked using Folio Views 3.1 for Windows hypertext links. In seconds, you can locate the desired training regulations and jump to the safety meeting, talk, violation, check-list, or quiz regarding this regulation.

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