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REPT BATTERO Energy Launches Global Zero-Carbon Strategy To Accelerate Industry Transformation And Development

Shanghai /PRNewswire/ - REPT BATTERO Energy Co., Ltd. ("REPT BATTERO" or "the Company"), a leading new energy solution provider backed by China's stainless steel and nickel giant Tsingshan Industry, has officially announced the launch of its global net-zero carbon strategy at The Seventh International Summit on Power Battery Application (CBIS2022) which was held on December 20 in Shanghai, China. The strategy aims to further advance industry transformation and promote global zero-carbon industry development.

In the context of the worldwide "green energy" revolution, major economies around the world are actively making the transition to realize a zero-carbon economy. Dr. Hou Min, vice president of REPT BATTERO, gave the keynote speech about "Power Battery Globalization Pattern in the Context of Low Carbon" at CBIS 2022, which introduced REPT BATTERO's first global zero-carbon declaration to the watching audience.

The speech emphasized REPT BATTERO's goal of achieving ultimate innovation and creating a zero-carbon product portfolio and solutions with industry-leading advantages, as well as the Company's commitment to meet the zero-carbon transformation demand of the global market.

With a tight timeline, REPT BATTERO aims to achieve the goals of carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, as a leader in the global new energy market.

"Looking ahead, REPT BATTERO will lead by example to support the rapid development of the global new energy market, promote the scaled application of clean energy and zero-carbon technologies, and become a key contributor in driving to achieve carbon neutral goals and address the climate change challenges," said Dr.Hou .

At CBIS 2022, REPT BATTERO received two awards of "Influential Enterprise of the Year" and "Innovation Enterprise of the Year" for setting an example with their global zero-carbon transition.

The REPT BATTERO Global Zero-Carbon Strategy
In the past five years, REPT BATTERO fastest-growing company in the new energy solutions industry, and it has brought green clean energy to about 600,000 households. As of October 2022, REPT BATTERO has delivered 7.3GWh of energy storage batteries, helping to reduce carbon emission by 7.5 million tons, and its power batteries have been installed in more than 300,000 vehicles, which reduced a total of 132,600 tons of carbon emissions.

Leveraging the strong foundation and global market advantages of Tsingshan Industry, REPT BATTERO aims to provide high-quality products delivering stable performance, with priorities in implementing strict quality control and constructing green factories to achieve zero-carbon across the full industry chain from upstream raw materials, manufacturing to supply chain and after-sales support.

REPT BATTERO has accelerated its carbon management and drafted greenhouse gas conversion standard and statistical logic to measure and control the full life cycle carbon emissions, and set the zero-carbon goal of realizing a life cycle assessment (LCA) of less than 50kg CO₂/KWh by 2026.

REPT BATTERO is building the next-generation zero-carbon factories combining intelligent energy management and green electricity to achieve carbon reduction targets and push forward the development of data-driven intelligent manufacturing.

The Company's production capacity in China has reached 32.7GWh, and it is currently constructing four new manufacturing bases in Wenzhou, Foshan, Jiashan and Liuzhou. REPT BATTERO will soon launch the construction of its bases in Indonesia and Europe, with the aim of achieving zero-carbon battery production capacity of 150GWh by 2025.

REPT BATTERO has filed for IPO listing in December 2022. The leading power battery company is now providing products and solutions to notable clients including Wuling Motors, Stellantis, Goodwe, and Sungrow, among others.

Source: REPT BATTERO Energy Co., Ltd.

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