News | January 25, 2010

Release Of The Thermo Scientific Area Dust Monitor, ADR1500

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Release Of The Thermo Scientific Area Dust Monitor, ADR1500

We, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, are proud to announce the release of the Thermo Scientific Area Dust Monitor, ADR1500, a real-time, ambient dust monitor designed for semi-continuous monitoring. Designed around the success of its predecessor, the Thermo Scientific Dust ADR1200, the ADR1500 incorporates many of the key features and benefits of the ADR1200.

The Thermo Scientific ADR1500 utilizes the highly sensitive light-scattering photometer technology (nephelometry), as used in the Thermo Scientific pDR Series, and incorporates a temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensor coupled with an internal heater to mitigate the positive bias with elevated ambient RH. Additionally, the flow control is truly volumetric and is maintained through digital feedback of the onboard barometric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and calibrated differential pressure across a precision orifice. The principles of true volumetric flow, as incorporated by the ADR1500, result in an unbiased continuous measurement reading of the concentration.

The release of this new product additionally means the discontinuation of the Thermo Scientific Dust Monitor, ADR1200. For more details on the ADR1200 discontinuation, please visit our website or the AQI Online Library.

SOURCE: Thermo Fisher Scientific