Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System

Source: Huntington Environmental Systems, Inc.
Huntington's Complete Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System (RTOs) offers the most reliable
Huntington Environmental Systems, Inc.s Complete Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System (RTOs) offers the most reliable, cost-effective VOC/HAP control in the industry. Features:
  • VOC/HAP destruction in excess of 99%
  • Patented single-drive valve system available – eliminates maintenance-intensive pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Custom-designed media – chosen precisely for your application
  • Advanced burner management system
  • Remote process monitoring and optimization
  • Patented bake-out – self-cleans the system of accumulated, condensed organic material
  • Soft ceramic insulation – shortens heat-up time without spalling and cracking; a problem with the hard refractory used in many systems
  • Up to 95% of preheating from recovered energy – reduces fuel costs
  • Dual burners with independent fuel trains – help ensure uninterrupted combustion operation
  • Expandability – can be readily and economically expanded to handle increased process volume
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