Rebuild & Optimization Services

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Rebuild & Optimization Services
MEGTEC's online parts ordering service allows you to find the replacement parts you need to keep your equipment running.

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MEGTEC can rebuild your oxidizer to optimize its efficiency and performance, saving you energy costs. Older Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) usually contain random-packed heat exchange media. By replacing this media with structured packing, you can increase the capacity of your existing RTO, reduce its operating costs or modify it to handle inorganic particulate.

Capacity Increase. The pressure drop associated with the random-packed heat exchange media originally used in older RTOs is very high when compared to today's structured packing. By replacing the random-packed media with structured packing, the pressure drop across the unit is reduced and it's easier to pass air through the oxidizer.

Reduced costs. Replacing media can also mean reduced operating cost. Lowering the pressure drop across the oxidizer at its original rated capacity causes the exhaust fan to operate at a lower brake horsepower, resulting in reduced electrical costs.

We can perform rebuilds on:

Heat Exchangers
* plate type
* shell and tube
* custom design
* primary, secondary, tertiary
Heat exchangers can be manufactured of metals to meet your requirements.

Ceramic Media
* random packed
* structured
* hybrid
Rebuilds on ceramic media will both increase capacity and reduce operating costs.

Media Upgrade
* structured or random ceramic media
Media upgrades can increase air flow and reduce operating costs.

* repairs or replacement
* ceramic fiber
* blanket
* castable
* spot repair

* exterior cladding
* interior cladding
* structural
* gaskets, seals, field instrumentation

* controls/operator interface
* burner and fuel train
* dampers
* fans
* motors
* drives

Click Here To Download:
Brochure: Process Energy Solutions