RainWise WS-1000 Weather Station

Source: RainWise Inc.
RainWise WS-1000 Weather Station
Engineered for precision and trouble-free operation, the WS-1000 Weather Station monitors seven different weather phenomena
Engineered for precision and trouble-free operation, the WS-1000 Weather Station monitors seven different weather phenomena. The station provides digital readout for Time, Indoor Temperature, Outdoor Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Wind Chill Temperature, Rainfall, and Outdoor Relative Humidity. Its microprocessor computes accumulates Degree days Cooling and Degree Days Heating throughout the year. Maximums and Minimums are provided for any desired period to the nearest hour, day and month.

The station is easy to read and operate. A red LED indicates the function chosen by the selector knob, and the value is displayed in bright 0.8" LED numerals. An Auto Select position displays each function in sequence. The WS-1000 Weather Station measures 7" wide by 17.5" long by 1.5" deep. The front panel is brushed aluminum with a flat black background. The frame is solid walnut with a hand-rubbed oil finish.
The WS-1000 is designed for wall mounting. For a custom installation, connections to the unit may be brought in through a hole in the mounting wall. If it is not desirable to cut a hole, the wires may be brought up from the bottom through clearance provided between the wall and the frame. Optional feet are also available to allow the display to be placed free-standing on any flat surface.
Power for the station is provided from a standard 120/250 50/60 Hz outlet through a plug-in wall transformer which supplies the safe low voltage used throughout the system. The station will also operate directly from 12 volts AC or DC. An optional battery prevents the loss of data in the event of a power failure.
The Wind Direction, Wind Speed and Rainfall weather sensors are combined into a rooftop unit that is easily mounted on a standard TV antenna mast. Years of testing on the rugged Maine seacoast has resulted in a sturdy weatherproof design that will give long trouble-free service. Stainless steel ball bearing are used in the wind sensor. There are no brushes or contacts to wear out.
The temperature and relative humidity sensors are mounted in an enclosure which is designed to be placed in the shade on the north side of the building.
Maximums and Minimums are recorded and stored for Outside Temperature and Barometric Pressure. Maximum Wind Gusts, Minimum Wind Chill and Rainfall Accumulation are also recorded and stored. The time and date of occurrence are displayed in sequence, with the amount, when a Maximum or Minimum button is depressed. Maximums, Minimums and Rainfall Accumulation can all be reset after any desired period. Degree days are computed on a 24 hour basis and stored over an annual period; from July 1st to June 30th. They provide useful data relative to heating and / or air conditioning load.
The WS-1000 is also available in both a computer compatible version and as a printing Weather Station