Radio Remote Controlled Dredges

Source: Liquid Waste Technology, Inc. (LWT)
LWT designed the PIT HOG Electric Remote Control Lagoon Pumper (MODEL RCLPEM) with quality components for dependable

LWT designed the PIT HOG Electric Remote Control Lagoon Pumper (MODEL RCLPEM) with quality components for dependable, easy operations and builds it with structural steel for dependable, long term use. In any process, down time due to the inability of a pumping system to perform adequately relates to the quality of equipment, components and design. The features and components of this model of LWT PIT HOG equipment makes it the right equipment to have in place on your project.

The heart of the RCLPEM unit is the electric motor/hydraulic pump power source and electronic valving system. The electric motor drives the pressure compensated hydraulic pump which continually matches the power available to the functions requiring it. The valving system is designed to allow the speeds of the auger, slurry pump and traverse system to be independently controlled with the speed pots mounted on the control panel.

This simple design allows for operating one function without having an adverse effect on another function. For smooth operations, continuous resetting and adjusting of the controls is not required.

There are several advantages of hydraulic power over direct electric function drives. This units hydraulics and supplied speed controls allow a "soft" start and stop to the pumping function, while a direct drive electric pump may start and instantaneously reach its operating RPM causing the system and hose to wrench, sometimes causing damage. As the system has a constant pressure, power is not lost at low operational speeds. The pressure relief valve on the system prevents damage or blown fuses due to over power or blockage events.

LWT uses water bearings on both its roller gauge wheels on the auger and on the auger flighting. Standard auger width is a full 8'-2", which ultimately cuts the number of lateral moves in the pond, increasing the efficiency of operation while reducing wear and lowering overall costs.

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