RADAN for Windows NT

Source: Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

Now RADAN for Windows NT has application-specific modules with more new features and capabilities
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The World's Most Advanced and Easy-To-Use Ground Penetrating Radar Data Processing & Analysis Package

Enjoy the benefits of GSSI's Radar Data Analysis (RADAN) software while operating in the more robust Windows NT system. RADAN's modular design has always let you select the processing functions best suited to your needs. Now RADAN for Windows NT has application-specific modules with more new features and capabilities.

  • Reduce Post-Processing Time
  • Process Large Files
  • Process Files with 32-Bit Resolution
  • Easy-to-Use Interface

Add-On Modules 3-D QuickDraw: Includes very user-friendly software - much improved over the RADAN for Windows version - that features 3-D presentations of data, simple manipulations of the entire data "cube" so that it can be "diced and sliced" along various x-y, y-z, or x-z planes. This module also uses some of the variable velocity migration capabilities that are featured in the RADAN-NT main program to appropriately "size" point targets that appear like hyperbolic shapes in the raw data. By first performing a migration operation, the final 3-D data set is now ready for linear feature recognition--a capability that enables the module to assist in identification and display of linear features such as walls or utilities that may be embedded in the earth.

Bridge Assessment Module: Capable of identifying rebar and concrete cover over rebar on new deck structures; also includes layer interpretation, provides data for deterioration-mapping, and is designed so that post-processing and analysis are streamlined specifically for bridge deck analysis. Perfect software for large bridge deck structures with typical two-layer orthogonal grid reinforcement patterns. Ideal software for BridgeScan system.

Road Structure Assessment Module: For use with horn (air-launched) antennas only. This module uses a signal calibration technique (where a metal plate reflection amplitude is compared, scan by scan, to raw data obtained from pavement analysis surveys) that measures significant layer interface amplitudes from the pavement data and calculates the propagation velocity of the GPR signal through the pavement layer media. This is significant, because it allows pavement thickness, base thickness and other pavement structure properties to be calculated without ground-truth (core) data, at very accurate levels. This software module includes automatic and interactive layer interpretation, automatic and interactive pavement thickness (but user CAN specify core data, if desired), and provides output of signal and position information to an ASCII database for roadway condition assessment.

Structure Identification Module: Capable of point identification (rebar and other hyperbolic targets), interactive (layer) interpretation, input of ground-truth (core or boring data) for depth calibrations, and output of data for deterioration-mapping of reinforced concrete structures. Most versatile software for broad variety of civil/structural applications, including structures with variable reinforcement detail. Can also be used to automatically find point targets, such as utility-crossings or archaeological features with lower frequency antennas.

  • Semi-automatic mapping of rebar locations and depths on simple concrete structures
  • Interactive location mapping of conduits within concrete structures
  • Semi-automatic mapping of deterioration zones within concrete structures
  • Interactive location of deeper targets with lower frequency antennas
  • Real-time graphic display and ASCII table of results

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