Company Profile | January 1, 1996

protective garments, industry, municipalities, healthcare field

Source: Lakes Environmental Software
protective garments, industry, municipalities, healthcare field Lakes Environmental Software provides easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software for Windows in a cost-effective way.

The average modeler is "over-worked" and does not have time to spend searching for widely spread information. To address your needs Lakes Environmental Software is dedicated to the development of quality and cost-effective air quality dispersion modeling software with the following characteristics:

  • We produce similar interfaces to reduce your stress on the learning curve. You learn one, you learn them all.
  • Our unique and innovative interfaces offer much more flexibility than traditional DOS interfaces, and let you produce results that would be time consuming to obtain traditionally.
  • If you need to test different scenarios, you will find that our interfaces are very flexible. Lakes Environmental Software interfaces are true integrated modeling environments - intuitive data input, model run, and powerful post-processing. You can develop all your work within one easy package.
  • We provide an extensive data validation saving modelers time, costs, and headaches.
  • User's Guide that teaches you the quick and easy way through the program using pictures rather than lengthy explanations. Context-sensitive "Help that really helps" which includes status bar tips and full-blown on-line Help with topic search capabilities. As the User's Guide, the Help is also full of pictures for easy understanding of the steps and commands to follow.

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