News | July 10, 2014

Promega 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report Highlights Thoughtful Growth

corporate responsibility report 2013

The recently released Promega 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights reduction in environmental impacts in the midst of the growth with facilities and operations. The report features the company’s continued dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen through support of employees and community wellness.

Investing in the Future
Investments in a foundation for future scientific innovation and expansion of global capabilities continued in 2013. With new facilities coming online, including a 260,000 sq. ft. cGMP facility, the company's building footprint increased by 37% over the last year. These investments for the future are driven by customer needs, designed for a high quality work environment and intended to support the long-term, sustainable growth of Promega.

In 2013, investment in research increased 17%, resulting in 30 new product offerings in cellular analysis, genetic identity and integrated solutions product lines. The ADCC Reporter Bioassay, one new product, was recognized by The Scientist and included in the publication's Top 10 Innovations for 2013.

Environmental Highlights
Considerations of environmental impacts are integrated into various aspects of operations, from the design of new Promega facilities to the ways in which we package and ship products. Greenhouse gas emissions have decreased 20% as indexed to building footprint since 2008. As Promega continues to recycle more waste than is being sent to landfills, recycling efforts have increased by 45% since 2008. Promega remains focused on meeting environmental targets for carbon emissions, energy, water, waste, and paper set for 2014.

Community Well-Being
Promega values the support our community provides and makes it a priority to give back through community outreach and support of educational and creative initiatives. Globally, Promega employees remain active in the community, volunteering over 1,100 hours in support of education in 2013. Financial support is provided for advancement in learning and knowledge-sharing through partnerships with educational organizations, as well as through direct scholarships for young scientists.

For more than 30 years, Promega has integrated the values of corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices into all aspects of corporate culture and activity. The 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report,, explains the philosophy and goals that Promega uses to align business practices with positive social, environmental and business outcomes.

SOURCE: Promega