Process Colorimeter

Source: Gl Applied Research, Inc

Process Colorimeter
GL Applied Research, Inc. introduced the EC-220 Process Colorimeter
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GL Applied Research, Inc. introduced the EC-220 Process Colorimeter, a process analyzer designed to distinguish between different liquids or perform quantitative analysis on liquid streams.

The system can be calibrated for use with a variety of color scales, and can be used for the analysis of a stream component. The analyzer measures color/quantity/concentration via a dual wavelength, dual detector optical system. Results are displayed on a local alpha-numeric LCD readout and output as analog and/or digital signals, and may be programmed to activate alarm relays when the measured color value/concentration falls outside user-set limits.

GL Applied Research, P.O. Box 187, Grayslake, IL 60030. Tel: 847-223-2220; Fax: 847-223-2287

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