Company Profile | January 1, 1996

particulate matter,odorous emissions,atmosphere,technology,carbon dioxide,global heating

Source: American Environmental International, Inc. (AEI)
particulate matter,odorous emissions,atmosphere,technology,carbon dioxide,global heating
American Environmental International, Inc. (AEI) is fast becoming the premier environmental control and resource recovery equipment supplier to the industrial markets. The business was started in 1981 and incorporated in the state of Illinois on September 29, 1982.

International in scope, the company has developed a reputation as an innovator and marketer of proprietary products that support the global needs of controlling environmental pollution and recovering valuable resources.

The company markets products worldwide from its corporate headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois. AEI's target markets are the industrial clients that emit HAP's, VOC's, fine particulate matter and odorous emissions into the atmosphere. AEI employs a combination of direct and commissioned professional sales representatives who support customers' needs internationally.

The AEI product line is the result of many years of development highlighted with patents and innovations. AEI's technology and products have been developed with a product emphasis to reduce carbon dioxide levels which are well-known to cause global heating. U.S. Patents held are Air Pollution Control System Method and Apparatus, U.S. Patent Number: 4,662,899 and Filter System to Remove Environmentally Harmful Products, U.S. Patent Number: 4,986,836. Other U.S. and foreign Patents are pending.