Packed Tower Internals

Source: Koch-Glitsch Mass Transfer Technology
The company offers a range of packed tower internals for new and existing towers
Koch-Glitsch Mass Transfer Technology offers a range of packed tower internals for new and existing towers. A line of distributors and redistributors for a range of flow rates, physical properties and turndown requirements. Additionally, a line of support plates, collectors, hold-downs and various other items complete the arrangement and are incorporated to assure maximum performance from whatever random or structured packing is chosen for each service. Koch-Glitsch Mass Transfer Technology can select equipment to ensure liquid and vapor distribution to the packed bed is uniform, as well as handling process considerations such as fouling or foaming.

CAD/CAM systems, numerically controlled manufacturing equipment, advanced welding processes, and statistical process controls are designed to offer high quality throughout the manufacturing sequence. The tower internals are available in a variety of metals, plastics, ceramics and graphite. They are fabricated in sections for installation through column manways, and most support plates and distributors are clamped to support rings.

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