News | January 2, 2020

P2i's New Halogen-Free Barrier Range Will Help OEMs Meet Environmental Targets

Oxford, England /PRNewswire/ - P2i, the global leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, has launched a new Halogen-Free Barrier product range. The new reworkable, sustainable coating solution for Printed Circuit Board's enables OEMs, from automotive to consumer electronics, achieve their environmental targets by cutting harmful emissions in production, while also reducing scrap and customer returns due to the elimination of corrosion damage.

In addition, P2i's approach will substantially lessen the environmental impact of OEMs' activities by increasing product lifespan while eliminating hazardous chemicals, and reducing electrical waste and landfill.

Ady Moores, P2i's CEO, said: "This is a step-change for the industry. P2i's approach will substantially lessen the environmental impact of OEMs' activity by eliminating halogens from the manufacturing process. This also aligns to the stated goals set out by Greenpeace in its 'Guide to Greener Electronics' report."

P2i's Halogen Free Barrier Coatings are an innovative nano-coating solution, which continues to provide industry-leading liquid protection and dramatically improve reliability on all printed circuit boards, with a fully-integrated and proven manufacturing process.

The P2i Halogen-Free Barrier is available in three different variants; Halogen-Free Barrier Lite to provide a board level IPx4 solution: Halogen-Free Barrier to provide IPx4 + short immersion and Halogen-Free Barrier Max to help achieve up to IPx8 device level protection.

Moores added: "P2i is thrilled to announce these new Halogen-Free Barrier Products. This is the ideal sustainable liquid protection solution for electronics across a wide range of industries, and it will have a key role to play in helping OEMs achieve their environmental impact and sustainability goals."

About P2i
P2i is the liquid protection expert. Founded in 2004, P2i works with OEMs to enhance their products to make them liquid resistant and give waterproof protection, improving their reliability and enabling them to survive liquid exposure from everyday accidents. P2i brings reliability to market, by pushing the boundaries of science and engineering to deliver world leading protective nano-coating technologies. For more information, please visit or @P2iLabs.

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