Oxygen Analyzers

Source: Environmental Analytical Systems
CAI offers two oxygen analyzer options
Model 100P (Paramagnetic)
CAI offers two oxygen analyzer options:
A. Low cost, reliable galvanic fuel cell (Model 100F)
B. High performance compact paramagnetic sensor (Model 100P)

Both read directly in percent oxygen. Both have multiple ranges and multiple linear outputs. They may be configured as stand-alone analyzers or teamed with our NDIR Series 200 or 300 to deliver a multi component solution to your gas analysis requirements.


  • Multiple ranges
  • Remote range change
  • Temperature controlled
  • Sensitivity less than 10 ppm
  • High stability
  • Low interference to other gases
  • Fast response
  • Linear output
  • Digital concentration display
  • No routine cell maintenance
  • Internal pump option

Model 100F (Galvanic Fuel Cell) FEATURES
Low cost· Multiple ranges
Reliable· Remote range change
Linear output· Rapid response
Digital concentration display
Internal pump option

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