Oil Spill Response

Source: Hyde Marine Inc.
This company offers equipment, complete system design and packaging, oil spill response equipment experience, and
This company offers equipment, complete system design and packaging, oil spill response equipment experience, and ongoing product development. They handle distribution exclusively for a number of products and companies. In addition, they have introduced several new single ship response packages to the industry including the USCG VOSS package, and the WLB SORS package, which have "expanded the envelope" of response equipment capabilities. Hyde offers its customers complete systems and turnkey engineering services for any product from a single skimmer or length of containment boom to a completely outfitted oil spill recovery vessel. Product descriptions are:

The Kvaerner Eureka CCN offloading pumps are high capacity, submersible, single stage centrifugal type pumps. The size and weight of these pumps relative to their capacity make them well suited for emergency offloading. The model CCN-150 pump has a maximum capacity with seawater of 800 cu. m/hr @ 30 meters (3,500 GPM @ 98 ft.) total head. Pump capacity depends on the fluid viscosity, discharge head and available power. The pump weighs 85 kg. (187 lb.) and is dimensioned to fit into a standard 12.5-in.-dia. Butterworth opening.

The model CCN100 pump is the newest Kvaerner design. This pump provides overall performance with a relatively small hydraulic power pack. The pump is rated at 320 cu.m/hr at 40 meters head (1408 gpm @ 58 psi). The hydraulic requirement for this duty point is 152 ltr/min at 200 bar (40 gpm @ 2900 psi). Maximum hydraulic flow is 152 ltr/min at 350 bar (40 gpm @ 5075 psi).

The BrĂˆco bird deterring buoy is an autonomous floating buoy that is designed for the hazing of sea birds at sea during the first hours of an oil spill. It is effective because the majority of bird oiling occurs during the earliest stages of a spill. After being deployed into a slick from a helicopter or boat, the buoy emits a series of sharp sounds that have the property of dispersing waterfowl. The buoys may be operated 24 hours a day in all types of weather. The lithium battery allows 72 hours of full operation. Shelf life is indefinite and the batteries lose only 1% of their capacity per year in storage. There is no maintenance required on the unit. The unit weighs only 70 lb. and is robust enough to be thrown from a dock, ship, or helicopter. It is specially designed to drift with the oil slick. For tracking and recovery purposes, the unit is outfitted with a radio transmitter.

The Hyde VOSS outrigger arms were developed as part of the USCG vessel of opportunity skimming systems. They are built of 6061 aluminum and designed to meet the rigorous USCG requirements for lightweight, high strength and fast, easy deployment. The design is suitable for deployment of any type of sweeping boom and for operation in waves up to 6 ft. The outrigger arm system can be optimized to a user's vessel and is available in lengths from 14 to 50 ft.

Power packs are available from 5 Hp to 150 Hp. The Hyde power packs and controllers are designed for simple, intuitive operation. The layout is clean and organized, making the systems comfortable to operate and easy service. High quality hydraulic control valves allow for precise adjustment of fluid flow to the equipment being driven. Frame and tank construction can be either steel or aluminum to suit the customer requirements.

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