News | September 12, 2012

Ogun Re-Starts Emission Scheme, Signs MoU

In pursuance of its commitment to ensure a healthy environment devoid of gaseous and vehicular emissions, the Ogun state government has repackaged and reintroduced vehicle emission control scheme across the State. Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Adebayo Fari made this known in his office at signing of Memorandum of Understanding, (MoU) on the scheme with successful consultants.

Mr. Fari said gaseous emission from vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, generating sets and industrial machines have been generated global negative effects on air pollution with adverse effect climate change, making it a top priority on the agenda of the State government.

“Researches and studies have shown that of all the source of air pollution, vehicular emission accounts for more than 5o% followed by industrial discharges. It is in the realization of this fact that the world body through the United Nation Organisation and other relevant International agencies put ion place various mechanism for abating, controlling and monitoring vehicular gaseous emission with Ogun State not being an exemption” Fari stated.

Speaking on the legislative empowerment of the scheme, the Commissioner said his ministry through Ogun State Environment Protection Agency, OGEPA derived its power from OGEPA Edict No1 of 1995 section2 (a-e) to make regulations and prescribe emission standards for discharge into the atmosphere.

He therefore charged all the successful consultants to be civil in enforcing the law, transparent with the government and diligent in work, adding that impact on the health of residents and not necessarily fund generation is the underlining factor for the re-introduction of the scheme.

Responding on behalf of his colleague consultants, Mr. Leke Sofola described the scheme as a call to service, promising that they would abide by the rules of engagement and help in the process of rebuilding the State.

SOURCE: Ogun state government