O2/CO2 Analyzer (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide)

O2CO2 Analyzer

LGR’s O2/CO2 Analyzer is the first instrument capable of reporting molecular oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in air with extremely high precision and fast response. Designed for measurements in ambient air for applications requiring high precision, the O2/CO2 Analyzer applies LGR’s proven cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy technique for simultaneous continuous measurements of these three important atmospheric gases.

The O2/CO2 Analyzer is simple to use, low power and rugged which makes it ideal for field studies. The ability to measure O2 and CO2 at the same time simplifies the (correlative) analysis of air samples. In addition, analysis of the measured absorption spectra allows the instrument to accurately correct for water vapor dilution and absorption line broadening effects and thus to report CO2 and O2 on a dry mole fraction basis directly without drying or post processing. Furthermore, LGR’s new “Extended Range” option provides accurate CO2 measurements up to 10% mole fraction without reducing precision and sensitivity at typical ambient levels - a unique LGR capability.

LGR’s new “Enhanced Performance” series incorporates proprietary internal thermal control for ultra-stable measurements with unsurpassed precision, accuracy and drift. Moreover, only LGR’s analyzers provide reliable measurements at mole fractions more than 20 times ambient levels.

LGR’s patented technology, a fourth-generation cavity enhanced absorption technique, has many advantages (simpler, easier to build, rugged) over older, conventional cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) techniques. As a result, LGR Analyzers provide higher performance at lower cost.

LGR Analyzers have an internal computer (Linux OS) that can store data practically indefinitely on a hard disk drive and send real time data to a data logger via the digital (RS232), analog or Ethernet outputs. LGR analyzers may be controlled remotely via the Internet. This capability allows the user to operate the analyzer using a web browser anywhere Internet access is available. Furthermore, remote access allows full control of the instrument and provides the opportunity to obtain data and diagnose the instrument operation without being on site.

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