NuSieve GTG agarose

The ideal choice for separation and manipulation of PCR products < 1 kb
The ideal choice for separation and manipulation of PCR products < 1 kb.

This Genetic Technology Grade (GTG), low melting temperature (< 65° C) agarose finely resolves DNA fragments and PCR* products ranging from 10 to 1,000 bp. NuSieve GTG agarose forms easy-to-handle gels and provides consistent DNA mobility from lot to lot.

Cloning procedures can be performed directly in remelted NuSieve GTG agarose, eliminating costly and time-consuming DNA extraction steps. This agarose is also compatible with reactions carried out in the presence of the remelted agarose gel.

NuSieve GTG agarose is tested and certified for reliable ligation and transformation of DNA directly in a remelted agarose gel.

NOTE: Extensive studies by BioWhittaker Molecular Applications have shown that inhibition of ligase and the process of transformation do not correlate with any of the traditional specifications of agarose, such as sulfate, moisture, EEO, or gel strength. Only rigorous end-use testing supports functionality.

Analytical Specifications
Gelling temp. (4%): <35° C
Melting temp. (4%): <65° C
Moisture: <10%
Sulfate: <0.15%
EEO (-mr): <0.15
Gel strength (4%): >500 g/cm2

Quality and Performance Tests
Enzymatic activity in the presence of remelted gel: T4 DNA ligase and transformation test.

DNase and RNase activity: None detected.

Resolution: DNA fragments <1,000 bp are finely resolved after electrophoresis.

Gel background: Gel exhibits low background fluorescence after ethidium bromide staining.

DNA binding: None detected.

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