NUCON NUSORB® Selection Guide for Nuclear Applications

Source: NUCON International Inc.
NUCON has exceptional knowledge and experience in control of radioactive gas phase contaminants
NUCON has exceptional knowledge and experience in control of radioactive gas phase contaminants. We have served the nuclear power and defense establishments for over twenty five years. Some of our professional personnel have forty years of experience in the nuclear field. NUCON has a radioisotope laboratory that performs thousands of standard radioiodine tests a year per ASTM D3803 and many special parameter tests for power plants. These tests are required by U. S. NRC Regulatory Guides 1.52 & 1.140 as well as ASME Standards; N509 & N510 and the AG-1 Code. We provide Quality Control tests for NUCON NUSORB® Adsorbents as well as some of our adsorbent competition. NUCON has designed and built complete noble gas delay systems and supplied carbon and loading services for power plants around the world. NUCON personnel are members of critical Standards Committees in this area; ASTM D-28, Carbon and F-21, Filtration, ASME Code Committee On Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment and ASHRAE 9.2, Industrial Ventilation - Nuclear.

NUCON has developed exceptional adsorbents for radioiodine control and noble gas delay. We have developed other custom adsorbents for specific isotope removal. This in-house expertise allows NUCON to offer complete consulting, testing (Laboratory & Field) and engineering services to compliment our supply of NUSORB® Adsorbents. All NUCON nuclear carbons are under the control of our Quality Assurance Program which has been regularly audited to the requirements of 10CFR50 appendix B.

NUCON has developed various specialized custom adsorbents for high temperature primary loop liquid phase radioisotope cleanup.

The most common NUSORB® Nuclear Products are listed below.

Xenon, Krypton & Radon Control
Nobel Gas Delay Carbons
Radioiodine Control

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