NUCON Model HGP-H Pulse Mode Halide Generator

Source: NUCON International Inc.
For In-Place Halide Testing of Carbon (Charcoal) Filtration Systems
F-1000TM Series Test Instruments

For In-Place Halide Testing of Carbon (Charcoal) Filtration Systems

The NUCON F-1000-HGP-H is designed to inject a known amount of R-11, R-12, HCFC-123, HFC43-10, HFC134a or 1-Bromobutane liquid into the air system of Charcoal filtration systems. The total quantity of halide used is reduced and exposure of the charcoal to halide loading is minimized.

Testing Applications

  • Lab Fume Hoods/Exhausts
  • Safety and Non-Safety Related Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment Systems
  • High Efficiency Carbon (Charcoal) Air Filtration Systems
  • Vapor Removal/Scavenger Systems

Testing of Gas Filtration Systems is often performed to meet bypass leakage requirements. Typically, a continuous injection of R-11, R-12, HFC43-10 or HFC134a is made for up to five minutes while inlet (upstream) and outlet (downstream) halide concentrations are monitored.

Steady injections of challenge halide, however, result in a "temporary" loading of halide on the charcoal filters being tested. Retesting following correction of bypass leakage defects must be delayed until adsorbed halide is purged (desorbed). This can be as long as 24 hours.

Under conditions of high humidity, breakthrough of challenge halide can occur so quickly that test data is suspect. Testing of thin (<1 inch) charcoal adsorber beds is equally difficult because of premature breakthrough.

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