News | July 11, 2014

Novinda Receives R&D 100 Award For Mercury Emission Control Product

Amended Silicates HgX ranked among the 100 most technologically significant products introduced in the past year

Novinda Corporation, a leader in non-carbon mercury removal technologies, announced recently that its flagship product – Amended Silicates HgX (AS-HgX) - received the prestigious R&D 100 Award as one of the best technology products introduced in the past year. Presented by R&D Magazine, the R&D 100 Awards recognize the year’s top 100 technology products from industry, academia, and government-sponsored research, ranging from chemistry to materials to biomedical breakthroughs.

Novinda’s AS-HgX is a non-carbon mercury capture reagent that removes mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions, enabling utilities to comply with the EPA’s strict Mercury & Air Toxic Standards (MATS), effective in April 2015. A mineral-based product, AS-HgX removes mercury via a chemical reaction, providing economic and environmental advantages unavailable with competing products.

Proven to be extremely effective, as well as cost competitive at removing mercury with two to three times the efficiency of the market’s standard mercury removal products, Novinda’s AS-HgX product has delivered sustained performance in full-scale tests at more than 50 power plants. In addition, a recent Life-Cycle Assessment study demonstrated that AS-HgX is a much cleaner way to remove mercury, producing greenhouse gas emissions that were only one-tenth of those associated with powered activated carbon (PAC) products.

As a non-carbon product, AS HgX also leaves fly ash (a byproduct of burning coal) pristine for reuse in manufacturing concrete, eliminating landfill burial of millions of tons of fly ash annually and providing utilities with substantial savings and a valuable revenue stream.

“We are honored to be selected as an R&D 100 Award winner. This distinction is an acknowledgment of the environmental and economic advantages of AS-HgX and a tribute to the people here who have worked so hard to bring this product to market,” said Ed Williams, Novinda’s CEO. 

SOURCE: Novinda Corporation