Non-Compliant Red LED Opacity Monitor

Source: Phoenix Instruments, Inc.

The OPAC100 opacity monitor is a red LED light source system for non-compliant installations. The opacity monitor is available as a single pass or double pass opacity monitor. The low powered solid state light source emits negligible heat and is electronically modulated; eliminating chopping mechanisms and their inherent problems. High frequency modulation creates a more stable response and eliminates the ambient light interference found in low frequency modulation of incandescent sources. The long life of the LED, creates a trouble free optics assembly. The OPAC100 red LED has a 10 year expected life.

ELECTRONICS CONTROL UNIT - The NEMA 12 control box contains all electronics, power supplies, and calibration adjustments for the LED, detectors, and opacity electronics. It can be mounted up to 200 feet from the light source. The opacity system can be clear stack zeroed and linearized from the control box electronics. System test points are easily accessed, making trouble shooting a breeze. Current loop outputs come directly from the control box to your plant data recording and control systems. Current loops are standard 4-20 ma configuration.

LED TRANSMISSOMETER - The LED transmissometer includes the red LED optical beam projection light source, and the detector optical assembly. Each optical housing is sealed against environmental contamination and are locator pinned and quick connected to the air purge venturi. The external optics are easily accessed for cleaning.

AIR PURGE WITH BLOWER - Every OPAC100 opacity system comes standard with air purge plenums and 1/3 horse power blower motor. The air purge system keeps the exposed optics clear of stack effluent. The purge blower intake is filtered with a disposable filter cartridge. The blower motor is T'd to both air purge plenum and comes with 20' of AIR hose standard.

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