News | November 1, 2018

New Green Ox® Pallet Technology Testing Report Proves Global End-To-End Usage

U.S. Retailers Continue to Refuse Shipments on Emissions and Cost Saving Corrugated Pallets Despite Proof of Efficacy

Centennial, CO (PRWEB) - Green Ox® Pallet Technology (, the exclusive global provider of game-changing Green Ox corrugated pallets, publicly released its new Testing PowerPoint that tracks pallets with loads >2,000 lbs in end-to-end air and sea freight segments.

The Testing Report can be viewed at:

As noted by Green Ox President, Adam Pener: "The Report debunks the market myths that IKEA’s global paper pallet initiative is a one-off and that corrugated pallets are not up to the task in today’s global supply chains. Moreover, Green Ox pallets are engineered to be one-way, handling many forklift and pallet jack 'touches' along the trail. The pictures don’t lie."

The Testing Report was exclusively released via LinkedIn with the following introduction:

"While many U.S. logisticians still claim that lightweight, fully-recyclable, emissions- and waste-reducing, truck-eliminating corrugated pallets don't work, Green OX pallets continue to perform day-after-day, month-after-month in harsh conditions. Whether it's airfreight from Africa or Latin America to Europe, weeks at open sea carrying >2,000 lbs of fruit, clearing customs faster and easier, or being trucked to their final destination, Green OX® Pallets Deliver™. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself in this Testing Report. When you're done, drop me a line and ask me why U.S. companies employ heavy wood and plastic pallets that harm the environment and cost taxpayers and consumers money. My answer will surprise you."

In responding to questions about the release teaser, Mr. Pener stated: "U.S. retailers prohibit shipments on corrugated pallets that have been proven to reduce emissions and Take Trucks Off the Road™. Those policies are out of date, fail to consider technology advancements like those we have demonstrated, and are antiquated in a time of pressing climate change challenges. Hopefully, this proof of technology Testing Report will help drive long-overdue relaxation of these counterproductive policies prohibiting the use of a proven emissions—reducing technology. Sustainability-minded companies should be free to ship on lightweight, recyclable pallets if they so choose."

About Green Ox Pallet Technology, LLC:
Green Ox Pallet Technology is the exclusive global provider of Green Ox pallets. The company was recently featured by leading industry publication Material Handling Network:

Green Ox’s point-of-use delivery model is unique and transformative, giving F500 customers — and their suppliers — the capability to employ a ubiquitous, proven pallet system throughout global supply chains.

In 2012, IKEA® became the first global company to institute a system-wide corrugated pallet program, thus proving the model. For more information on the global precedent set by IKEA, please see:

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