Modular Solenoid Valves

Source: Burkert
This new line of servo-assisted modular valves is for low-
This new line of servo-assisted modular valves is for low-cost fluid collection and distribution systems. Available for either ½-in. or ¾-in. pipe sizes, they fit easily into Burkert's modular valve manifolds to build centralized and decentralized fluid distribution or fluid collection systems. The valves comprise a modular extendable valve system type 6227 that can be combined in a number of combinations with up to twelve valves in a single valve manifold. Operating at pressures up to 105psi, the solenoid valves are activated with 12VDC, 24VDC, 10VAC and 220VAC. All have a power-indicating LED.

These lightweight, modular, thermoplastic valve manifolds handle neutral and aggressive fluids (water, oil, chemicals, fats and hydraulic oil up to 60°) and are proven in car washes, HVAC, water and sewage treatment, hydraulic circuits, and chemical plants. These valve systems are applicable to various industries due to the modular construction and the availability of different port connections.

Each valve may be assembled either in the "collecting" or "distributing" function by easily twisting the valve insert. Any combination of fluid control functions is possible in a single manifold. Additional functions, such as temperature indication or flow measurement, can be added by integrating a corresponding Burkert sensor directly into the valve manifold. Integrated back flow prevention check valves are also standard in the manifold assembly.

In order to be as flexible as possible, numerous valve port connections are available as standard. The inner thread port connections are at the bottom, pointing downward while the outer thread port connections and the plug-on connection for hoses are pointing sideways. The valve manifold itself has a master port for either the main input or output. The side port of each valve in the manifold is connected to this main port. The main port adapter can be installed at either or both ends of the valve manifold. The servo design helps ensure tight valve closure and eliminates a waterhammer effect.

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