Model E-6000 Series Analyzer Description

Source: Air Instruments & Measurements, Inc.
A 40w, 24 vdc modified SIC source, chopped at 900Hz with a 360 rpm MIL spec., synchronous motor
- Chopped IR Source- a 40w, 24 vdc modified SIC source, chopped at 900Hz with a 360 rpm MIL spec., synchronous motor.
- Gas Turret Assembly- Turret contains separate individual measurement cell with its own reference for each measured gas (6 max). The digitally controlled turret sequentially transmits each cel through the beam.
- High Sensitivity Detector- The IR light is focused onto a two-stage, thermo-electrically cooled 1 mm(2) PbSe detector with a field lens.
- Temperature Control- The temperature of the detector, cell, and analyzer are continuously measured and controlled for long-term, stable operation.
- Construction Materials- Materials are corrosion resistant, a fundamental requirement for long term, reliable operation.
- Analyzer Control PC AIM systems include a single-board PC or CMU for analyzer control, data correction and communications, with a Flash EPROM for retention of set-up data, floppy disk drive, a relay/ alarm board, with analog & digital I/O. This PC can control separate opacity and O2 analyzers, reducing cost and space. A separate desktop PC, running a Windows software program, displays, stores and configures the analyzer.
- Elimination of Interferences- Both H(2)O and CO(2) absorb throughout the IR spectrum and may interfere with the measurement of the desired component. The use of gas filter correlation has been shown to substantially reject interferences in the band pass. Since the system can measure H(2)O and CO(2), this measurement can now be used to correct for any residual interference.


Ranges: Panel selectable ppm or percent
Accuracy: =2% full scale
Repeatability: = 1% full scale
Zero Drift: = 1% full scale in 30 days, continuously compensated
Span Drift: = 1% full scale in 30 days, continuously compensated
Response Time: 0.5 seconds per gas, up to 1 hour averaging
Linearity: + 1%
Output: 4 – 20 ma, up to 16 channels; RS 232
Input: 4 – 20 ma or 0 – 10 Vdc isolated
Local Display: Digital
Ambient Temp: 32degreesF to 110degreesF, 0degrees to 15degrees C (to 10dgreesF with CW option)
Process Temp: Up to 1000degreesF, up to 540degreesC
Process Opacity: <50% normal, 85% maximum
Process Pressure: > 3" WC normal 8" maximum
Stack/Duct Width: 3 to 33 ft; 1 to 10m
Power/CMU: 115 V + 10% 2 amps, 50/60 Hz, or 220/240V, 1 amp, 50/60Hz
Power/Sensor: 115V + 10%, 10 amps, 50/60 Hz (separate line for each blower and cooler power supply) or 220/240V, 5 amps (w/o blowers) 220/240V 10 amps (separate line to each blower and cooler supply)
Weights: Transceiver- 100lbs, Retroreflector- 35lbs, CMU- 20lbs, Air purge assembly- 25lbs ea. (2 req'd), Blower Box Dual- 50lbs, Blower Box Single- 125lbs.

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