Model 5030i SHARP Monitor

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Model 5030i SHARP Monitor

The Thermo Scientific Model 5030i SHARP Synchronized Hybrid Ambient Real-time Particulate Monitor combines the speed of light scattering nephelometry with the accuracy of beta attenuation technology for continuous PM-10 and PM-2.5 measurement.

The Thermo Scientific Model 5030i SHARP Monitor was developed on the renowned Thermo Scientific iSeries platform design, this instrument offers unprecedented ease of use.

Featuring proprietary dynamic digital filtering for continuous mass calibration, the Model 5030i SHARP monitor delivers real-time, accurate, and precise results. The highly sensitive, light scattering nephelometry is checked against the mass concentration of the beta attenuation data for calibration. With extreme precision, the superior high time resolution outputs mass concentrations of real-time data in one minute intervals.

The Model 5030i SHARP monitor provides long-term unattended operation by utilizing continuous, non-stepwise measurement to auto-advance the particulate-laden sample, avoiding potential particle loss.

Key Features:

  • High time resolution, one minute measurements
  • Digital dynamic filtering
  • Superior accuracy, precision and sensitivity
  • Continuous, non-stepwise measurement provides long-term unattended operation
  • Volatile loss mitigation via Dynamic Heating System
  • Enhanced user interface and iPort communication software

Announcing the release of the Model 5030i SHARP Monitor

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