Model 40 GEOFLO

Source: KVA
Model 40 GEOFLO
Using the GEOFLO Meter, flow direction and water flow rate at a single well is determined simultaneously and without time consuming pump tests

  • Onsite information on horizontal groundwater flow and direction
  • Hazardous waste plume tacking and tource identification
  • Determining groundwater treatment recirculation patterns
  • Defining zones of contribution of municipal wells
  • Septic system and well separation assessment
  • Initial site investigation
  • Assessment of site liability
  • Plume monitoring
  • Spill containment and cleanup

Using the GEOFLO Meter, flow direction and water flow rate at a single well is determined simultaneously and without time consuming pump tests. The direct velocity measurements, combined with concurrent water elevation measurements can identify local recharge conditions caused by leaking water mains, septic systems or storm drains.
Field measurements take only 5 minutes. Usually 4 ten ft. screened wells can be profiled (3 locations each) during an 8 hr. work day. Digital readout of the instrument is given in four discrete vector components which can be readily resolved to direction and velocity.

The Model 40 GEOFLO Meter is equipped with a field probe and special permeable packing for down-the-well measurements. Orientation is provided by interlocking five-foot aluminum rods which are rotated to a known compass direction. The unit is sensitive to 0.02 feet per day horizontal flow. The depth of down-gradient profiling ranges from 50 to 350 ft. The flowmeter comes with packing probe attachments suitable for 2 and 4 inch ID slotted PVC and stainless steel wrapped monitoring wells. The battery operated unit will allow the user to make more than 40 field measurements with an overnight charge. The instrument is contained in a field rugged polyethylene box. The box is water resistant and easy to carry. A separate cable box is required for units with cable over 50 ft. long.

Model 40 GEOFLO Groundwater Flowmeter determines direction and groundwater flow rate in difficult conditions. In urban locations, man-made soil disturbances such as roadbeds, foundations and graveled water main channels, often determine the principal flow pathways for groundwater movement.

Using the GEOFLO Meter, a quick determination of flow through a commercial monitoring well screen can be made. Special packers are available for measurements in 2 and 4 inch ID PVC and stainless steel wrapped well screens. By depth profiling the flow at different points on the screen, the vertical position of high flow regions can be mapped.

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