Model 200-Weather Stations-21

Source: NovaLynx Corporation
Model 200-Weather Stations-21
The WeatherPort Model WS-21 is a microprocessor-based
wind alarm system
The WeatherPort Model WS-21 is a microprocessor-based wind alarm system. It sounds an alarm and controls the operation of two electrical circuits whenever wind speed reaches either of two independently set limits. It has a 0-100 wind speed measurement and alarm range. An LCD display provides a read-out of the measured wind speed and is also used to display the value of various alarm parameters using a series of setup menu pages.

Self contained relays for each alarm point can be used to actuate external devices such as small irrigation pumps, air samplers or sirens. These internal relays may be used to control external power relays in the event that high current loads are to be switched. An audible alarm, which may be silenced if desired, is also included within the Model WS-21. By interconnecting the relays associated with both set points it is possible to detect the condition of wind speed that falls between the upper and lower set points. The anemometer is a compact three cup unit which conveniently mounts on the end of standard rigid conduit or pipe. A contactor-type of speed transducer is used which permits use of an inter-connecting cable of almost unlimited length.

The Model WS-21 includes a unique arrangement for setting the delay or confirmation interval prior to the initiation of an alarm and the delay time imposed before the alarm is negated. With this feature, erratic or premature operation of controlled devices is eliminated.

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