Mobile Separation Trailer

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies
Mobile Separation Trailer

Evoqua Water Technologies' mobile membrane separation trailers (MST) feature a self-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with up to four skid-mounted reverse osmosis (RO) modules that provide temporary mobile RO water.

Mobile membrane separations trailers are self-contained, trailer-mounted systems configured as single pass or double pass RO systems. Evoqua offers three MST trailer including the MST-600 trailers that produce 600 gpm in single pass mode and 270-300 gpm in double pass mode, MST+ trailers that produce 400 gpm in single pass mode and 180 gpm in double pass mode, and MST trailers that produce 400 gpm in single pass mode and 180 gpm in double pass mode.

Evoqua Water Technologies guarantees the quality and quantity of produced water from its mobile treatment systems. A reliable and extensive service network, an ever-expanding trailer fleet and strategically located regeneration facilities allow Evoqua to effectively serve our large North American customer base.​


​ Mobile membrane separation systems provide rapid response, reliable performance and versatile performance across a range of applications:

  • Emergency, temporary water or long term water purification 
  • Increases in flow requirement
  • Emergency/scheduled maintenance 
  • Seasonal water changes
  • Process water/treated water quality changes
  • Long-term stationary system with modular expansion capability
  • Interim use until a permanent system is installed
  • Facility expansion
  • Pilot testing 
  • R​egulation changes for discharge ​

Features and Benefits

  • ​Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • Flexible choice of equipment and process configuration – single pass or double pass 
  • Reduced installation cost and time 
  • Reduce or eliminate on-site deionization process demand 
  • No on-site waste generation or hazardous chemical handling 
  • No capital investment 
  • Trailers configured for any customer requirement 
  • Broad-based service network with strategically located regeneration facilities 
  • Comprehensive QA program to ensure quality and quantity of water produced 
  • Climatized trailers for severe weather conditions 

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