Mobile Pretreatment Trailer

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Mobile Pretreatment Trailer

Evoqua Water Technologies' mobile pretreatment trailers are self-contained, trailer-mounted systems ideally suited for temporary multimedia filtration, iron filtration, activated carbon, or softening.

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Mobile pretreatment trailers are self-contained, trailer-mounted systems configured with six skid-mounted PreFlex®-54 or PreFlex®-60 vessels.  The vessels may be configured in parallel or series and depending on the media of choice, may act as multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, or as ion exchange softeners.​

Evoqua Water Technologies guarantees the quality and quantity of produced water from its mobile treatment systems. A reliable and extensive service network, an ever-expanding trailer fleet and strategically located regeneration facilities allow Evoqua to effectively serve our large North American customer base.


​ Mobile treatment systems provide rapid response, reliable performance and guaranteed water quality and quantity across a range of applications:

  • Increases in flow requirement
  • Emergency/scheduled maintenance 
  • Seasonal water changes
  • Process water/treated water quality changes
  • Long-term stationary system with modular expansion capability
  • Interim use until a permanent system is installed
  • Facility expansion
  • P​​ilot testing​

Features and Benefits

  • ​Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • No on-site waste generation or hazardous chemical handling 
  • No capital investment 
  • Trailers configured for any customer requirement 
  • Broad-based service network with strategically located regeneration facilities 
  • Comprehensive QA program to ensure quality and quantity of water produced 
  • Climatized trailers for severe weather conditions 
  • Simple installation, convenient hose and utility connections 
  • Extensive fleet to provide capacity on demand 

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