News | September 22, 2008

Misys Open Source Solutions Launches Innovative New Open Carbon World Web Portal With Carbon Planning Tool

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Misys Open Source Solutions, a division of Misys plc (FTSE:MSY.L), today announced the official availability of its Open Carbon World portal, the first online open access community dedicated to the promotion of market-based solutions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions. The site offers up-to-date and accurate information on emissions trading and carbon markets and serves as a forum for members of the carbon community interested in driving market-based emission reduction policy. Misys Open Source Solutions made the announcement at the 2008 Corporate Climate Response conference in Chicago.

Currently there is no single source for well organized, easily accessible and comprehensive information and updates on carbon markets. The Open Carbon World portal addresses this issue by providing a convenient single resource for carbon information and policy discussions. An editorial board drawn from key industry participants will maintain the veracity and quality of all information contributed to the portal. includes several components designed to provide clarity, advocacy and collaboration, and to accelerate the growth of markets for carbon emissions trading. Of particular note is the Carbon Planning Tool found in the My Carbon World section of the portal. This is a professional carbon management and reporting suite supporting a number of accepted protocols for carbon foot-printing, management and reduction. The first to be made available will be the GHG Protocol, developed by the World Resources Institute.

Additional portal features include:

  • Carbon Wiki—Provides comprehensive up-to-date industry information, vetted and overseen by an editorial board made up of industry experts.
  • Carbon Library—Contains contributed studies and whitepapers of recognized industry leaders.
  • Carbon Policy Page—Provides and highlights immediate developments potentially impacting policy.
  • Carbon Community Forums—Affords hosting capabilities for variety of industry workgroups.

"Mitigating carbon emissions is vitally important, and although there is an increasing number of efforts to make this happen, they are uncoordinated and confusing," said Peter Fusaro, chairman of Global Change Associates. "Now, the Open Carbon World portal brings it all together."

"As with any emerging market, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the U.S. voluntary carbon market, which brings tremendous opportunity for companies who can educate and inform corporations about their carbon emissions," said Analyst Stephen Bruel, TowerGroup, Securities & Capital Markets. "Smart companies are preparing now for what should ultimately become a regulated market. While this shift may take a few years, companies can benefit from comprehensive resources that allow them to not only calculate their carbon footprint, but set forth a manageable plan for their future carbon emissions, both on a regional and a global scale."

" provides the first well organized, easily accessible information on carbon and carbon markets," said Don Sunderland, vice president, Open Source Solutions, with a focus on Treasury & Capital Markets. "The wizard-driven, carbon planning tool makes it essentially the carbon management equivalent to TurboTax™, providing corporations and individuals the facility to calculate, reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions. It's essentially an open-access carbon registry."

To hear industry experts discuss the state of the carbon market and how will resolve issues inhibiting carbon emissions reduction, please join the free Public Webinar on October 1, 2008 at 2pm EST.

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About Open Carbon World Partners
Open Carbon World Partners are organizations concerned with solving the problems of carbon emissions. Participating organizations include technology vendors, financial organizations, non-profit organizations, regulatory bodies and governmental organizations. Misys is providing technical resources and management leadership for this effort.

About Misys Open Source Solutions
Misys plc Open Source Solutions supports the Misys banking, treasury and capital markets and healthcare customers by leading the development of open source projects to create new services and applications that will address our industry's most difficult problems. Misys Open Source Solutions is currently leading community-based open source projects to dramatically reduce atmospheric pollution and improve healthcare delivery. Misys Open Source Solutions is headquartered in New York City.

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