Microwave Level Control System

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Microwave Level Control System
The RADAR TRACKER uses microwave technology to provide accurate readings, regardless of changing material
BindicatorRADAR TRACKER uses microwave technology to provide accurate readings, regardless of changing material densities, dielectrics, temperatures, or any conditions that affect conventional systems. The RADAR TRACKER system's accuracy is not affected by foaming, minor probe coating build-up, or vapors. Problems common to other systems, such as leaking floats, clogged bubblers, and coated capacitance-type probes are also eliminated. BindicatorRADAR TRACKER uses a rod-type wave guide instead of the through-air antenna found on most other systems. By using a simple rigid or flexible wave guide, the RADAR TRACKER can be mounted in smaller openings and costs much less than conventional-antenna systems. The RADAR TRACKER transmits a 1.8 GHz signal down the field-adjustable wave guide. This signal radiates around the guide rod in an approximate 4-in. dia. circle. When the signal touches a mass of material with a dielectric constant above that of air (above 2.0), the signal is reflected back up the wave guide to the receiver circuitry. Signal transmitting and receiving time is processed and the resulting 4-20 mA signal is generated proportional to the tank level.

Calibration of the analog output is easy and fast; it can be done either in the vessel or on the technician's bench. Calibration is done by simply pressing a pushbutton while touching the probe at the desired zero (4 mA) and span (20 mA) positions. Calibration is not affected by changes in liquid composition. All RADAR TRACKER guide rods, including the flexible wave guide, can be cut to length in the field.

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