Micron Solids Removal System (MSR)

Source: Aquarelle Filtration Systems
The Micron Solids Removal System (MSR) is manufactured with 100% long lasting and durable yet economical Polyethylene
The Micron Solids Removal System (MSR) is manufactured with 100% long lasting and durable yet economical Polyethylene. It won't rust or peel, and it comes guaranteed. The MSR can be custom manufactured to any size to accommodate any store space or application. Costing several thousands of dollars less than traditional filters, the MSR will also last many years longer.

The Breakthrough is Here!

A - Incoming Raw Waste Water
With the use of a washer surge holding pit at the end of the washer pad and a super pump, contaminated water is pumped onto the screen automatically. You never have to worry about contaminated water backing up into your washers or you store customer area.

B - Patented Micron Screen
The MSR's patented removable sealed screen will provide years of filtering service. The MSR screen traps all hair, lint, sand and other solids on the screen's surface, allowing only cleaned filtered water to pass through. Within one minute from the time the dirty water leaves the washing machines, the water will be cleaned to the 50th micron.

C - Spray Cleaning System
The spray cleaning system is an automatically timed spray that washes the collected hair, lint, and other solids down the screen and into the solids drain pipe.

D - Safety Overflow System
The safety overflow system is designed to allow the MSR to keep filtering even if there is an unusually high water flow or if the bag "clean out" system has not been cleaned properly. Water will flow by gravity back to the original "below-grade" surge pit at the end of the washer pad, and then sent back onto the MSR screen.

E - Solid Collection Drain
Hair, lint and other solids that collect on the screen's surface will drain automatically out of the unit through the solids drain pipe and into a separate solids collection unit. The collection unit is so simple to clean, anyone can clean it in seconds by the touch of a valve.

F - Clean Water Drain
The filtered water that flows out of the bottom drain can be discharged into either: (1) an equalization tank for further filtering modulation, (2) your existing filtration system or (3) directly into an existing sewer system. The MSR filtered water was laboratory tested and found to remove more than 90% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and more than 65% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from raw waste water.

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