News | October 17, 2019

Major Upgrade To The Internal Combustion Engine- 60 MPG - Emissions Reduced By 50%

Lodi, NJ /PRNewswire/ - Startup company, Darlema Corp unveils new automobile engine called the CWPSC (Combustion with Pre-Stage Compression) that doubles gas mileage and reduces carbon emissions by 50%. This new spark ignition engine achieves efficiency rating of 53-57% at the vehicle wheel, uses conventional fuels, doesn't have a throttle and does not use a turbo.

Test results of the Demo unit of the new CWPSC engine undergoing performance tests at the Darlema Corp facility in Lodi NJ, confirmed the results. The compression ratio of this spark ignition (SI) engine is 30:1. Demo unit achieved 60 mpg under load at 62 mph. The idling consumption at 720 rpm was 0.6 Liters/Hour. CO2 emissions ranged between 78-94 CO2/km (50% less than current ICE's) at 17.5 Kwh. Engine efficiency -53-57%.

The automotive industry has been battling for over 100 years to increase the compression ratio of spark ignition engines which currently stands at around 10:1 and or eliminate the throttle device unit without any success. These issues have been resolved and the demo unit successfully passed the test. The efficiency has been greatly increased.

Matt Mulhern, Vice President of Darlema, Corp. explained that the technology enables the engine to operate outside the parameters of conventional internal combustion engine by controlling the air temperature and pressure during intake.

Mulhern stated that the automotive and trucking industry can use this technology to meet the original federal fuel consumption and carbon emission mandates with minimal infrastructural changes to implement. Motorists would enjoy going twice as far on a tank of gas as well as reducing the pollutants by 50%.

Mulhern also stated that this technology's carbon emissions are actually lower than what the electric engine achieves when you figure in the emissions generated by producing the electricity and the energy lost through the transmission of the power to charge the battery of EV.

Source: Darlema Corp

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