LWT Chopper Pumps

Source: Liquid Waste Technology, Inc. (LWT)
LWT Chopper Pumps
Powerful, durable, rugged, dependable, efficient, cost effective
Powerful, durable, rugged, dependable, efficient, cost effective. . . All are words that describe the line of submersible hydraulic chopper pumps that are built by LWT. These pumps are specifically designed to handle the mud, sewage, silty sand, solids, and debris typically found in liquid waste pits, lagoons, and digesters in agricultural, industrial, and municipal waste handling applications.

These units feature heavy duty bearings and a sealed housing, assuring long life and operational dependability. The drive shaft couples the hydraulic motor directly to the impeller. The hydraulic motor is directly mounted to the bearing block flange so that the motor shaft and seals are not exposed to the waste material.

Submersible hydraulic pumps offer several advantages over other pumping systems. Submersible units are down in the waste so the unit is self priming. The energy put into the pump goes for moving waste. There are no losses due to suction lift, allowing heavier solids to be moved. In comparison to electric units, the hydraulic pumps are lightweight and quickly put into service with no danger of shock. Hydraulic units feature soft starts and stops, allowing the operator total control over the flow and pressure of discharged wastes.

The unit is often used for chopping or sizing solids. For these uses, a chopper impeller in tandem with the unique, base chopping plate is required. If the material is more difficult to chop or if it's acceptable to pass larger solids, a vortex or straight vane (paddle) type of impeller is used. The slurry gate is designed to facilitate agitation and mixing for consistent solids pumping. When the gate is closed, either by hand or hydraulic cylinder, the pump will discharge through the pipeline.

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