Liquid Handling

Source: Packard Instrument Co., Inc./Canberra Industries
Liquid Handling
The MiniTrak is the compact liquid handling model in the
The MiniTrak is the compact liquid handling model in the Packard automated microplate processing series. It is configured in four or six module systems for 96/384/1536-well pipetting. Like the PlateTrak, this "Mighty Mini" delivers secure, high capacity microplate handling and parallel processing with its bi-directional conveyor and multi-position dispense module. The systems are designed as standardized configurations for the efficient automation of routine tasks such as plate replication, reformatting, and ELISAs.

All MiniTrak Systems incorporate Packard's patented MultiPosition Dispense Module (MPD), which is capable of variable positioning in the X, Y and Z-axis with a positional accuracy of ±0.0254mm (.001-in.). The dispense head can move across a multi-position deck, expanding the accessible stations behind the conveyor for tipwash, reagents and automated tip load. The MPD adds efficiency by enabling multiple liquid functions to be performed at a single dispense location.

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