Liquid Filtration Felts

Source: BWF America, Inc.
BWF has developed and installed many new concepts in liquid filter felts
BWF America, developed and installed many new concepts in liquid filter felts. They include:
  • ASY felts, the asymmetrical design provides the cake release characteristics of a smooth woven fabric with all the benefits of a felt.
  • MPS concept high efficiency felt technology has created a new line of super efficient felts for liquid/solid separation. These felts are dense, heavy and low in permeability, yet provide excellent flow rates. Surface area averages three to four times conventional felts. MPS liquid felts are designed for ultra-fine solids, low-feed solids levels and rigorous processes.
  • Chemical treatments provide additional benefits in the form of better cake release, improved solids clean out and minimization of by-product build-up. Finishes such as
    CS-17 are frequently used in liquid and a FDA approved version is available for food and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Monofilament scrims for filter belts where machine direction strength is critical.

    The company verifies all felt specifications and intensely monitors permeability consistency because of the importance of this feature to BWF customers. A four-head permeometer is used to verify permeability on all liquid filter felts. Uniformity of specification and final product, order after order, is the primary objective.

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