News | May 10, 2011

Layne Christensen Company's Water Technologies Group Conducts Water Re-Use In the Marcellus Shale With The Use Of INTEGRA Filter

Layne Christensen Company's Water Technologies Group recently commenced operations for several gas producers in Northern Pennsylvania. The Group will manage, filter, and provide for the re-use of frac flowback water in the Marcellus Shale.

Layne's Water Technologies Group anticipates significant expansion of its total water management services to the oil and gas markets. To this end, Layne has established new offices in both Austin, Texas and in the Pittsburgh Metro area.

Layne Christensen deployed water management teams and our INTEGRA Mobile Filtration System to multiple well sites in northeastern Pennsylvania this winter. This team focused on the management of receiving waste streams, filtration, and distribution of frac water from well sites through the INTEGRA Process for re-use in future frac operations and disposal. The process monitors and filters suspended solids to a 5 micron level, returning significant volumes of water for re-use.

The INTEGRA System is an automated, backwashable disk filter capable of processing industrial waters with high-solids content. The system is well-suited to handle high total dissolved solids in waters that are combined with various frac flowback constituents such as those found in the oil and gas industry. The equipment operates at high flow rates and can process over 6000 bbl of frac flowback water per day as part of integrated recycling efforts.

Layne Christensen is committed to helping operators manage, transfer and recycle frac flowback water with INTEGRA and provides associated services in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, for those waters that cannot be effectively treated and re-used, Layne is well positioned to provide disposal of produced water with the EVRAS evaporative crystallization system.

About Layne Christensen Company:
Headquartered in Mission Woods, KS, Layne operates worldwide, providing products and services for the water, mineral, construction and energy markets. Layne Christensen's Water Technologies Division provides products and services for industrial water and wastewater treatment, engineered systems and facility construction. With over 50 offices strategically located nationwide, Layne Christensen is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions to solve the most demanding needs of our clients.

SOURCE: Layne Christensen