Large Diameter Check Valve

Source: Red Valve Company, Inc.
The Tideflex Series 39F is one of the larger inline check
Red Valve Company, Inc.x Series 39F is one of the larger inline check valves available, with sizes ranging up to 84-in. It is great for lift stations and flood control installations where debris such as tree branches and plastic bags will render flapper-style check valves inoperative. A newly patented curved-bill design provides a tight seal with little or no backpressure, and allows greater sealing around entrapped debris.

This elastomer "duckbill" check valve is corrosion-proof, operating under extreme conditions long after metal check valves have rusted open or frozen shut. It is also very cost-effective due to its low headloss characteristics, long service life and because it eliminates the need for routine lubrication or adjustment.

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