News | February 19, 2008

Lake Champlain Transportation Company Implements Clean Diesel Technology

Stamford, CT - Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc., a global company providing innovative technologies and solutions that reduce emissions, conserve fuel and improve engine performance, and Burlington, Vermont-based Lake Champlain Transportation Company (LCT), recently announced the successful implementation of Clean Diesel's Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst in LCT's ferry fleet. The noticeable improvements in fuel consumption and clean operation provide clear evidence that Clean Diesel's solutions can offer significant cost-saving and environmental performance benefits to the ferry and water transport industry, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Carefully monitored testing over a period of six months showed a noticeable reduction in both fuel consumption and visible particulate emissions. With the fleet-wide adoption of Platinum Plus, these benefits for a cleaner environment and lower greenhouse gas emissions are now being realized by all the LTC vessels. Additionally, oil sample analyses conducted by the laboratories of Caterpillar and Mobil showed a marked reduction in soot levels in the oil, allowing for the possible extension of oil drain intervals.

Lake Champlain Transportation has provided reliable, safe and friendly transportation to the surrounding lake community and to area visitors since 1826. Regardless of the weather conditions, LCT passengers can count on crossing the lake 7 days per week, 365 days a year. The company currently maintains three crossing locations served by nine ferries, one tug boat and one cruise boat. In recent years, LCT has made great progress in operating its fleet in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way resulting in a healthier environment for passengers as well as measurable savings in fuel consumption together with reduced greenhouse emissions.

The fuel savings and emissions reductions experienced after adoption of Clean Diesel's Platinum Plus fuel-borne catalyst technology demonstrates that LCT is taking a leadership role in becoming a model for other ferry and water transport organizations seeking to accomplish the same goals.

"We are proud of the strides we've made in reducing environmental impact, while implementing solutions that are clearly beneficial to the bottom line of our business. Fuel costs are quite significant, and especially as a Vermont company, we are keenly aware of the need for a greener and cleaner environment. The combination of benefits that Clean Diesel delivers made the decision to deploy their solution throughout our fleet very appealing," said Russell Fox, Marine Superintendent of LCT.

Dr. Walter Copan, Executive Vice President of Clean Diesel says, "We are pleased that the success of our products in the LCT ferry fleet enables them to serve as an industry-leading example of environmental performance and cost consciousness, having achieved measurable reductions in particulate matter and carbon footprint. The environmental impact of diesel-powered engines is being considered more now than ever before. This progressive approach to protecting the environment, while directly benefiting LCT's business, will certainly have implications throughout the water-transport industry."

SOURCE: Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.