News | March 21, 2011

Kern River Holdings Purchases Eco-Tec Produced Water Treatment System


Eco-Tec Inc is pleased to announce the sale of a Produced Water Treatment System to Kern River Holdings, a division of All American Oil and Gas Inc. The system will be installed at the Nukern oil field in the Bakersfield, California area, where Kern River Holdings is expanding its oil production operations. The water treatment system to be provided by Eco-Tec will filter and soften the produced water from the oil production operation and allow it to be used to feed new steam generators which are being installed at the site. Excess filtered produced water will be reinjected directly into the formation.

Kern River Holdings based their decision on the unique features and performance of the Eco-Tec system which they were able to validate based on visits to another similar installation in the area.

A significant feature of the Eco-Tec system was the fact that the system is highly automated and requires a minimum of operator attention. Also important is its ability to produce very soft water from high hardness waters while consuming a minimum amount of salt for regeneration and producing a small amount of waste.

The system consists of an Eco-Tec Spectrum Plus Micro Media Filter which removes oil and suspended solids to very low levels (98% removal of particles greater than 2 micron) to ensure that the 30,000 bbl/day (200 m3/hr) filtered water can either be fed to the downstream ion exchange softener without fouling the ion exchange resin, or it can be injected into the formation with minimal clogging of the well or the formation for long injection well life with minimum servicing. The softener is a RecoPur ion exchanger featuring a short, packed bed of finemesh strong acid cation (SAC) exchange resin. The technology has been well proven in a variety of industrial applications including the production of high purity water for power generation boiler feed water.

The system is compact, skid mounted, totally factory assembled including full loading with resin, and fully automated. It will be installed and operational by late summer 2011.

About Eco-Tec
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