ISO 14000

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ISO 14000
For Fortune 1000 companies who are pursuing or considering ISO 14000 registration
For Fortune 1000 companies who are pursuing or considering ISO 14000 registration, the Caribou Gap Analysis Tool is a software questionnaire and reference tool that provides users with a complete resource for completing a self assessment and needs analysis at a very attractive price. Unlike competitive software, our tool has been developed in association with CSA in Canada.


The Gap Tool was developed in conjunction with CSA International. It is a concise user-friendly tool for implementing ISO 14000. The tool has a scoring system to identify strengths and growth opportunities. It is equipped with a context sensitive reference source in the form of the CSA's ISO 14000 Essentials Handbook - a guide to the requirements of CAN/CSA-ISO 140012, Environmental Management System. The gap tool also tracks action items and graph scoring results.


The Gap Analysis will save you time and money by streamlining your preparations for ISO 14000 registration. The questions provided in the Gap Tool were developed by QMI (Quality Management Institute), one of the largest and most respected ISO registrars in the world.

Even if you do not intend to proceed with registration, the tool provides an outstanding guide for the implementation of any internally developed environmental management systems.


  • Microsoft Access Platform
  • Full Report Package with Graphing Capabilities
  • Digitized CSA Documentation Handbook
  • Context Sensitive Help File
  • Complete ISO Action Plan With Costing
  • English, French and Spanish Versions Available.
  • Single Or Multi-user Versions
  • Easy to use interface

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