ISO 14000

Source: NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd.
NSF International has been in the certification business for over 50 years
Why select NSF-ISR as your registrar?
Long-standing EMS Experience:
NSF International has been in the certification business for over 50 years. We have assumed a leadership role in the development of ISO 14001 since its inception. We continue active participation on the international committee charged with developing the ISO 14000 series by participating on Subcommittees on Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Labeling, Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Performance Evaluation for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group.
As a result of our expertise, NSF-ISR has worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency on multiple EMS implementation projects. These projects help us to continually improve our understanding of EMS implementation issues. NSF-ISR was the first registration body to develop a national EMS standard (NSF 110). In addition, we are the only registrar authorized to sell copies of the entire 14000 series of standards.
Customer-Focused from Start to Finish: NSF-ISR believes in registration with no surprises. This begins with complete cost disclosure (no hidden charges) and a simple contract. This approach extends throughout the registration process, always keeping the client informed of audit progress.
Key features of our customer focused approach:
  • Open lines of communication include early assignment of a Lead Auditor as your primary point of contact.
  • The Lead Auditor is a valuable resource throughout the registration process.
  • Flexible registration process may be tailored to meet individual client schedules.
  • Registration process is designed to allow maximum lead time for resolution of nonconformances.
  • Audits are carefully planned to minimize interruption of client business.
  • Audit team will identify positive practices and value-added opportunities for improvement.
  • NSF-ISR auditors are customer service oriented.

Through NSF-ISR, you make timely and measurable improvements to your management systems without unnecessary disruption.
Your choice of an ISO 14001 registrar goes beyond the registration audit. It is a decision that will effect your organization for years to come, so take the time to choose wisely. Choose NSF-ISR!